~The Snow Queen Project~


~The Snow Queen Project~ is a joint project for BJDcollectasy with Doll Costumer Charie Wilson and Doll Pattern Designer gracefaerie designs. Glass eyes and wig were provided by JpopDolls. The doll used for the project is an ImplDoll ImpStar Christoper. The 63 cm tall doll is cast in white resin. The outfit pattern will be offered soon through gracefaerie designs and will include variations. The pattern will be fitted to the measurements of ImplDoll ImpStar girls.  Charie’s designs were based on previously -released gracefaerie patterns. The related  Face-up preliminary project, ~Using Unusual Colors for a Face-up~ can be seen HERE.

graceferie designs and Charie Wilson have worked on other projects together in the past.  BJDcollectasy asked each of them about their experiences working together.  Charie also provided photos from the work process and alternate outfits made from the same pattern.

The Snow Queen Project


Snow Queen Photo Album with more Pictures of the Doll and Charie’s other Costumes for Impldoll Girls.

From gracefaerie:

How many patterns have you done with Charie?
Charie designed the #42 Planet Luxe and the #43 Bewitched, Tattered, and Transported patterns. These patterns are her original designs. Charie also resized many other patterns, and she has posted her rescaling methods on the forums. Some of her resizing adventures are available as free downloadable PDFs on my website HERE. More of these to come!

When did you start working with her on pattern projects?

142-blue-pants-shirt-250The #42 and #43 patterns were produced in 2009. Charies’ resizing adventures began in 2008.

When and how did you get to know her?

We met on the forums, where Charie posted photos of her work. Charies’ outfits often combine hand knit elements with fabric garments. I invariably felt amazed at her originality when she posted her ensembles. I collected a few of her outfits, and then she began to face-up many of my models. Her work is continually a source of inspiration for me.

When will the ImplDoll pattern be come available?

After I receive the information from Charie, I’ll have a better idea of the time-line. I’ll put everything together as quickly as possible!

What general steps are taken in pattern designing? (As in how do you go about putting a pattern together?)

I use the draping method, first cutting some basic shapes from muslin…then pinning, tucking, stitching…until the muslin garment fits perfectly. The “muslin” is disassembled, and a paper pattern is drawn to correspond to the muslin pieces. Then, another muslin is made using the first paper pattern. This continues until I’m satisfied with the fit and ready to make the prototype.

I really enjoy making prototypes. After the initial muslin phase, I can play with the design…selecting fabrics and embellishments that really make the design come to life on my model.

After making final adjustments on the pattern, the pieces are drawn as precisely as possible, with correct labeling and cutting information. The pattern is then prepared as a PDF by my graphic designer, Laura Downing.

The hardest part is writing instructions. One of my primary goals is to provide patterns that are fun to make….to remove as many of the fitting and construction struggles as possible so sewers have more energy to add their own unique style. Clear instructions are essential!

Finally, Laura photographs the models wearing the prototypes, and assembles the photos to create a full-color pattern cover.


From Charie:

First, how long have you been working on costumes for BJDs?

I have been making original costumes for BJD’s for 7 years. I have been a doll artist and costumer for 40 years.

When did you start collecting BJDs? What size are most of your dolls? Which are your favourites?

I started collecting BJD’s 7 years ago. My first 2 dolls was Soom Gina 60cm girl. My second doll was an MSD by Soul Doll. These 2 are still my favorite dolls. I have many BJDS  from tiny to 70cm dolls. I like all sizes. My current favourite companies are Planet doll and ImplDoll.

What projects have you done with gracefaerie in the past?
I made two patterns for grace,  one for MSD size Planet dolls  #42 Planet Luxe, and #43 Bewitched, Tattered and Transported. I have also resized many of grace’s Patterns to fit other BJDS.You can find the info on Graces web site.

Can you tell me what you think of Natasha? What do you like about Impldolls?

I could go on forever about Natash! I love her long lean body, her beautiful sculpted hands that are so expressive. I love that her head is to scale with her body and her very adult features. The resin is just lovely, almost translucent. My Natash is normal skin and it is a lovely colour…It’s not Yellow but not pale pink ether it is almost like a tan colour it’s just lovely. Shes poses like a dream and stands very well. The only drawback is her feet size; they are bigger than all the BJD Girls I have! She is sharing shoes with my Boys. ImplDoll sends glass eyes with their dolls; not many company’s do that. My Natasha is wearing the wig and eyes they sent with her. I just love her. I am also in love with their new girl Abigail and hope to add her to my collection.

I used grace Faerie Patterns #10 Takeshita-dori and #19 The Corset.
I also designed a pair of panties to match the outfit. Patterns will be available from grace in the near future.  Also the pattern for Queen of Hearts Hat and thigh high stockings will also be included.



Some of the materials used in ~The Snow Queen~


Making the collar


Staff detail


Bodice detail

The completed outfit

The completed outfit

Impldoll Natasha on Alice outfit

Impldoll Natasha on Alice outfit


Natasha wearing Valentine outfit


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