~2010 IDEX For BJD Collectors~

bjdcollectasyidexbannerThis year IDEX 2010runs from January 28 – 31st in Orlando, Florida. The BJD and BJD-related companies that will be present in the Main Exhibitor’s Hall include: Berdine Creedy Originals, Goodreau Doll Company, Kimberly LasherDollfair, and Marbled Halls (One of a Kind) BJD Fashions. In the Retail Room, several BJD artists will be present including: Bishonen House, Lady Saiyuki, and for the first time, Lume Doll.  Val’s Rag Patch, Doll Peddlar and Facets by Marcia will also sell BJD-related items the retail room.

The 2010 IDEX is coming, and a number of BJD artists, companies, and retailers will be entering the fray and displaying their new items. We talked to some of the people participating in the show to find out what they are planning for doll lovers at this year’s event.

Main Exhibitor’s Hall:

1Paulette_Berdine_lores200Goodreau Dolls, LLC: Paulette has been working on a new line of BJDs in a larger scale.  She also plans to end her MSD size series this year.  From Paulette, “For our own 2010 line we are concentrating on very limited resin dolls. We are debuting our new 25 inch, and 10 1/2 inch dolls. There will be new 5 and 8 inch dolls as well. The last 2 resin MSD dolls will be shown, as we are retiring all the current MSD vinyl and resin dolls.”

Berdine Creedy Originals: Berdine is preparing to introduce a new line of dolls in a new size. Berdine states cryptically, “My 2010 dolls will be released for the first time with a very exciting program with the “BJD Girls” as always. I wonder what they will be up to this time? Come and see for yourself, you will not to be disappointed!”

1ivy-sketch200Kimberly Lasher Originals: Kim has already displayed sketches of some of the dolls she plans to bring on her company website.  At IDEX she will unveil 23″ tall Simply Alice (LE 125), 16″ tall Lotus (LE 100) , 16″ tall Azaleah-Elf (LE 100), and 16″tall Ivy (LE100).  She also says “I will have a few other “little” surprises at IDEX, so please stop by booth #702. Also I will be giving away a free doll on Sunday at noon. All you have to do is stop by, fill out your name, email addy, and phone, and I will draw 1 name out of the basket.”

Marbled Halls: Connie Lowe will have more amazing fashions for BJDs and she is quite excited about this year. “Here is the biggest news. I will be offering a new line called “My Inner Child” . The first of this line will be presented at IDEX. These first editions are 6 different designs all of which are MSD and fit Kim Lashers Dolls as well as similar sized MSDs. They will be limited editions of 150 each. Two are vintage-inspired outfits and the other 4 are fun unique children’s designs. There will be accessories as well! I will also be presenting the first in a line of shoe and wig designs and some smaller limited editions of clothing in Various sizes. ” But for those who are looking for more of Connie’s specialty, OOAK “blended fashions”, they won’t be dissapointed. “There will be  several themes this year from Alice in Wonderland to Victorian Circus ….a fun playful exhibiton to be sure!”  She adds,  ” I will also be bringing my Paperclay sculpt “Winona” as an OOAK offering with the promise of a resin version in the near future!”

The Retail Room

1PSAAA200Doll Peddlar: Doll Peddlar will be in the Retail Sales Room that is open to IDEX goers Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning. “We’ll be taking a variety (of dolls) to the show and we want to bring special requests too!  We’ll have dolls, wigs, clothing, accessories…A little of everything.  Dollheart, Souldoll, Impldoll, Domuya, Elfdoll, Ficon, Unidoll, Doll Family, Island Doll, from 70cm to 5cm! We have several Doll Peddlar Limited Edition outfits that we will be featuring too. We’ll have Super Savings on first edition Goodreau & Creedy dolls. Also, if a collector drops by our booth & mentionsBJDcollectasy, we’ll give them a Gift!”

Lume Doll: Eva Wilson is attending IDEX for the very first time.  She gave some background on herself and her dolls. “I released my first doll under the Lume name (usually just referred to as ‘Lumedoll’) in January 2008. Before that I was a wood carver and have made several wooden ball-jointed dolls (the largest is 69cm tall), and from there I taught myself sculpting in clay and mold making. The dolls I make are all named after stars, and even the studio name is derived from the Latin word for light, lumen. I think I combined my love for dolls with my love for star-gazing! I’ve been making dolls in some form or other since I can remember, always in the pursuit of making a better doll each time, but I think I’ve learned the most in these past couple of years!”  This year she  states, “I’m discontinuing the Saiph and Bellatrix sculpts and I’ll be releasing a new doll at IDEX, so there is a lot of juggling at the moment.  She adds, “hopefully I can get it all to come together and get a new website design along with pictures of the new doll in January.”

Bishonen House: Donn has a new Limited Edition that will be on display at IDEX. ” I’ll be unveiling my New limited edition Gothic/Vamp doll Dean, which will be released through the Happily Ever After toy store in Philadelphia, I’ll also have Logan’s new faceplates on display as well as my currently available sculpts, Ian, Nori, and Logan.  There are a couple of surprises and One-of-a-kind dolls I’m planning on displaying and selling at the show as well. To anyone attending IDEX, be sure to drop by my table and say “hi”, I’ll be in the retail room at table 1011 (same as last year).  I’ll also be displaying in the BJD sales room.


Events of Interest to BJD Collectors:

These are some events and workshops tailored to BJD collectors. The events are listed by day and time.


8:00 AM – 11:00 AM – BJD Face-Up class with Berdine Creedy and Michele Hardy.

IDEX Info: Come and experience an easy and wonderful way to be able to change your BJD from one look to another. With the knowledge and artistry of Michele Hardy and the resin face sculpt of Berdine Creedy, you will create a new look for your 10” ball-jointed doll.

For the Face-up class, Berdine Creedy will supply the doll head which will be a 10″ Creedy Toddler head. Bodies for the heads will be optionally available. According to Berdine, “This is a resin double jointed body with endless pose-ability.”  She adds, ” This is a relaxed and very fun class and the results of previous classes proved successful, and we are very proud of our students. Some are coming back all the time to perfect their face-up art.”

1Drawing-2503:00 – 5:00 PM Friday also includes a’ High Tea’ Party with Berdine Creedy.

To Register for this event or ask a question, go to berdine@berdinecreedy.com , click Berdine Creedy High Tea 2010 Event Form.pdf to download the event form.



Berdine is the hostess of a special Tea Party. “At Idex we will have a “White Glove High Tea Event”. Attendees can dress in their their favorite dancing clothes. Use your imagination. We will have judges giving a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. This is just for fun and to get into the spirit. The 3 prizes will be BJD give-aways.   Each and every attendee will also get a resin 12 ¾” head as  a table favor that they can re-paint and use on their dolls or they can use as-painted. There will be 3 ways to attend the High Tea. A:  $210 that includes an 8” resin new toddler body with clothes plus an extra outfit B:  $185 that includes an 8” resin new toddler body with clothes. C:  Tea Only. So many collectors want to bring their daughter, friend or husband with them, but do not want to pay for 2 dolls, so this is an excellent opportunity to do something together.”



1:00 PM – 3:00 PM The American BJD gathering.

IDEX Info:This event is free to attendees. The number of attendees is limited, and sign-up for the event should be done in advance. Mix, mingle, and meet a few new up-and-coming American BJD artists. Don’t forget to bring your favorite BJD for “America’s Top BJD Model”. Categories include Best Overall, Best Attitude, Best Accessorized, and Odd Doll Out (only a mother would love me). All American BJDs are eligible to participate.


Paulette Goodreau will be hosting the American BJD Event. “This year marks our 4th year making dolls!  To celebrate the American BJD, we have teamed up with several other artists at Idex to host the American BJD gathering. It will be an introduction to the new up and coming BJD artists, Alba Garcia, Elizabeth Dye, and Joe MacPhale, and also some currently working BJD arts; Eva Wilson of Lumedoll, Berdine Creedy, Kimberly Lasher, Lady Saiyuki, and Donn Kinney. Also there will be the Best American BJD model contest, lots of give-aways, gift bags, and photography tips from our photographer Charlene Fertel. It is limited to 100, and you must sign up.”

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Hat Workshop

IDEX Info: The hats that are created are suitable for BJD, artist, and antique dolls. All items to make a hat are included in the workshop. Unique Opportunity for Workshop Attendees! Enter to win a OOAK MSD sized Marbledhalls dress during the workshop!  Value $200-$300.  All workshop attendees will receive a gift bag at the end of the workshop.

1Idex-workshop-hat-250Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls  is running a workshop on making vintage-style hats. The hats will be little or no-sew.Connie is quite enthusiastic about her workshop, “At IDEX this year I will give my first ever workshop! It will be on making hats from a mix of antique and modern fabrics and trims.”  She explains, “It will be an easy little or no-sew lesson, and each attendee will learn to make one hat. (see sample photos), and also get a chance to rummage through ribbons and trims to make an impromptu second hat. I have tried this with a small gathering of friends and we had a blast! We have two hours to work with, and that is more than enough time. Those who cannot attend the entire two hours may take a “kit” with them to try on their own! There will be a drawing for an OOAk MarbledHalls dress to match. This dress will also be my show special in MSD size. The hat looks nice on both MSD sized dolls and SD sized dolls, and will work on other  dolls too, Not just BJDS. The cost is $60 and I promise you will find it worth every penny!

From 6:00 – 9:00 PM BJD Mixer and Meet-up.

1raffleonenabiya200IDEX Info: Join us on Saturday evening, from 6 to 9 pm for a fun BJD Mixer & Meet-up. Mingle with your favorite BJD artists, companies, and fellow collectors for a bite, cash bar, table favors and door prizes. Learn how to “Shoot Your Dolls” with a professional Photographer. Vie for some awesome raffle items & a chance to purchase the official IDEX BJD 2010 Centerpiece Doll. Bring your favorite BJD to enter in fun categories “Oh So Funky,” “Going to the Dark Side,” and “Sunny Florida”.Pick up $$ off coupons from BJD exhibitors who will be in the IDEX 2010 BJD Sales Room on Sunday from 3 to 6 pm, after the show floor closes.  Cost: $50.00. Includes admission to the BJD Mixer & Meet-up, IDEX show floor during public hours and the IDEX BJD Sales Room on Sunday.

Special Note: If you have already registered and paid your admission fee to IDEX, please contact Kathy Dolly at kdolly@madavor.com or 617-706-9091 to assist you with registrating for this event to avoid duplication fees since refunds will not be given..

This is the big event for BJD fans. The BJD Mixer was created specially for BJD enthusiasts, with a photography workshop, raffle, fun doll costume contest, and party all in one big bundle. The Centerpiece doll will be Garden of Dolls Nabiya as “ Alice ” by Ashley Koh with costume by Demi Divas by Durelle, and shoes by Dale Rae Designs. Many great raffle prizes will be given out including items from Cristy Stone of X-Treme Dolls, RubyRedBJD.com, BtA, and Charles Creature Cabinet among others. Each place-setting will include an SD size doll clothing pattern donated by gracefaerie designs.

1isabelle200Photographer Isabelle Ribeiro will be running the Photography class at the mixer. “I plan on going over some basics of photography  for both amateur and aspiring photographers; how to use the settings on your camera, how to come up with inventive lighting, and how to better take advantage of what’s available. I want to show people that no matter what kind of camera or equipment they use, they can achieve great results. It’s all about using all your camera can offer and using what’s around you to compose your doll shot. She describes her approach to the class, ” I will be doing some demonstrations with my own equipment as well as a slide presentation with some technical terms and examples of photos. If time allows it, at the end I will allow people to pose their own dolls in a couple of different set ups, so that they can take their own photographs.”

The Centerpiece dolls for the Event will be Garden of Dolls new Nabiya MSD by Ashley Koh. According  to Ashley, “There will be five white skin and five normal skin, a total of 10 human Nabiya dolls, with one per table.  They’ll have basic faceups, and wear special wigs by Jpopdolls specially made for this event.  They’ll be dressed by Durelle Brown in Goth Alice costume. ” While Ashley isn’t able to attend the event, she has sent a raffle item. ” I am sending  a tan Nabiya doll as a raffle prize, wearing one of the fairy dress costumes by Charie Wilson.  Nabiya dolls were chosen for this IDEX event by a person who has heard that there is a new doll in town, and organizers, or VIPs of IDEX who loved the face of Nabiya, and contacted me to participate in this honorable event.”

Berdine describes the Mixer costume contest, “Michele Hardy  and myself will run it…  Bring your favorite BJD to enter in fun categories! First , second, and third prizes will be given to the winners that will be chosen by all attending. It should be a lot of fun, so do not miss out a fun event with all your BJD friends.”


3:00 – 6:00 PM Special BJD Sales Room


IDEX Info:The BJD Sales Room will  will be open Sunday after the show floor closes.  Denver Doll Emporium will be sending a variety of BJDs to the event. Doll Peddlar will also have both American and Asian dolls on display. Other artists and doll retailers on the sales floor will include Berdine Creedy, Paulette Goodreau, Lady Saiyuki, Bishonen House, Marbled Halls, and Dollfair. Entry to the Sales Room is included with  IDEX & BJD Mixer & Meet up registration.

As IDEX winds down, BJD lovers may want to linger at the end and catch a group of vendors from the Main Hall and the Retail Room all gathered in one spot. This will be the last chance for BJD collectors to nab a few more dolls or accessories before heading home!

Photos Above: Paulette Goodreau and Berdine Creedy, Sketch of Ivy by Kimberly Lasher, Dolls in Doll Peddlar exclusive  ‘Peppermint Schnapps’ DollHeart outfits, Sketch ‘Dancing with Grace’ by Berdine Creedy, Hat by Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls, Garden of dolls Nabiya, Photographer Isabelle Ribeiro.

gracefaerie design's Pattern #44 Seasons of Seola

gracefaerie design’s Pattern #44 Seasons of Seola

LE 'Vamp' Dean by Bishonen House

LE ‘Vamp’ Dean by Bishonen House

LE Azaleah Elf by Kimberly Lasher

LE Azaleah Elf by Kimberly Lasher

'Three Ladies' - Doll Peddlar Exclusive outfits from Joyce Nicholson, Petite Fashions

‘Three Ladies’ – Doll Peddlar Exclusive outfits from Joyce Nicholson, Petite Fashions

Face-ups on Creedy Heads by Michele Hardy, Face-up Workshop

Face-ups on Creedy Heads by Michele Hardy, Face-up Workshop

Hat by Connie Lowe - Workshop Sample on a Dollstown MSD

Hat by Connie Lowe – Workshop Sample on a Dollstown MSD

Nabiya by Garden of Dolls, Outfit by Charie Wilson

Nabiya by Garden of Dolls, Outfit by Charie Wilson

Doll Photo by Photographer Isabelle Ribeiro

Doll Photo by Photographer Isabelle Ribeiro




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