A group of BJD collectors in Thailand began to share designs for doll accessories with their friends.  That friendly exchange became the catalyst for the eventual creation of a doll accessory store called DollWhy.  There are 5 collectors-turned designers in the group.  According to DollWhy member Ann, ” we cross wing choker250decided to form a team to make our own brand back in March 2009 and launched DollWhy in May.”  The store specializes in accessories, but has offered outfits and continues to expand in size with ambitious plans for the future.

What distinguishes DollWhy from other doll stores is their their use of ‘Themed Releases’.  According to Ann, the members of DollWhy “love to experiment with something new. That’s why we initiated our monthly themes. We’ve launched punk-rock theme “Smell Like Teen Spirit” in May, sweet feminine theme “My Fair Lady” in June, and cute animal theme “OOH-HOO” in July.”  The themed items are usually only available for a limited time. There are some items that the store carries regularly, including shoes. They also regularly carry a few of their most popular hand made items. One best seller is doll-scale headphones for SD and MSD dolls which tend to sell out soon after they are re-stocked. Another popular accessory, which DollWhy calls their ‘Signature’ item, is animal-eared fur wigs. These are offered in three different colors and in four sizes. In the future, the list of regular items may grow.  Ann said generally  ” We intend to move on with upcoming monthly themes, which is a time-consuming task that it leaves us so little time to do re-stock. However, we are considering re-stocking some best seller items of the past themes when it’s due or when our schedule is not tight. We’ll put on announcement of re-stock products on our website.”

Themed items take some planning, and the members of DollWhy  begin work on their event items roughly 2 months in advance. “We select the themes on what we want to do. Our themes reflect our personalities and interests. Partly we listen to suggestions from customers and friends of what they want and still not yet fulfilled and see if we can match their wish. We try to supply them what they can’t find from other online shops.”  The site has carried clothing items, including some exquisite outfits to go with their “My Fair Lady’ theme. The group plans to have more limited doll fashions in the future. They also are planning to carry the work of more Thai designers.  Recently they announced the inclusion of Thai BJD face-up artist and accessories designer Hoshino.  Ann said, “She is good at making delicate accessories. Her handmade work is quite famous in Den of Angels, eBay,  and Chinese auction website Taobao. We’ve known her personally before we started DollWhy. She is our old friend. It’s a pleasure to welcome her into DollWhy.”

DollWhy is imbued with an atmosphere of play.  The members clearly love the dolls and enjoy their work.  The use of themes makes planning and creating items even more enjoyable. Currently they are busy completing work for their newest theme “REBELLIOUS” which is described as ” crude, grunge fashion”. Ann concludes,  “We run DollWhy purely from the love for BJDs. We make things from the users’ point-of-view. We’ve put in ideas and imagination in our products through countless experiments with the hope to share our fun and love for BJDs to others.”

Photos above (from top): Cross Wing Choker and Skull Triple Cross Choker both from Smells Like Teen Spirit Theme.

DollWhy Website

DollWhy Album Photos in the Gallery



My Fair Lady Theme


My Fair Lady Theme “Sweet Madonna”


From Upcoming theme Rebellious


Cat Hat with Piercings from OOH-HOO


Wigs and Tails from OOH-HOO Theme

Flower Galleria Necklace for All by Hoshino

Flower Galleria Necklace for All by Hoshino


Visor with Cross from Smells Like Teen Spirit