~Restringing Tutorial~

Learn how to clean and re-string your doll. This guide will show how easy it can be. Don’t be intimidated!

This Yume Vampire doll had been stained by wearing a black outfit and needed cleaning.  In the tutorial, she was disassembled, cleaned with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and re-assembled. The re-assembly of your doll can vary somewhat by company.  The general information in the video is true for most BJDs.

Re-stringing your BJD Youtube link

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvTDpNYf0ow”>Restringing Tutorial

Some places for restringing cord:

Restringing cord can be purchased from various doll repair supply stores and some doll companies. Here’s a few places we found:

MSD size re-stringing kits are usually available at Junkyspot. Cord in different sizes at  Asian store Cool Cat Collection Shop, in Europe Triskel Fantasy Shop carries cord and other doll supplies, on eBay at cathieleedollhospital has cord.




Yume Vampire from Junkyspot. Dress handmade by BJDcollectasy based on ~No Pattern Handkerchief Dress~ by gracefaerie adapted for an MSD by using 3 layers of wide lace for the bodice and white cotton for the skirt. Yume’s eyes are Souldoll acrylic, wig from Mint-on-Card.