A Soft & Natural No-Paint Face-up for BJDs


Soft & Natural No-Paint Face-up for BJDs

Doll Models: Goodreau Privera, Dollzone Event Head on 60 cm. girl body.

Best watched in HQ

Finished your face-up? Want to add eyelashes?  GO HERE to learn how.


If you want to do your own BJD face-ups but are afraid of paint, you can create a beautiful face-up using dry colors. The video covers stripping an old face-up, preparation, and coloring the head.

Online Suppliers:

Dick Blick– an excellent online art materials supplier. Rembrandt pastels can be bought individually rather than in sets.

Junkyspot– sells Mr. Super Clear and Mr. Super Clear UV cut along with other doll supplies.

Volks, Volks USA – Sells a flat lacquer spray and pastels for face-ups, and numerous other handy doll products in their Tools & Materials section.