~Eyelash Application~


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQfVI6MtJSc”>Eyelash Application for BJDs

Eyelash Application for BJDs ~ Link to Youtube Best seen in HQ. To see details, enlarge the screen.)

Doll Models ~ DollZone Orlando and DollZone Fei


A short tutorial on how to add doll eyelashes to your doll. Don’t be intimidated!  At the suggestion of face-up artist Michelle Hardy, the tool used to glue down the lashes was made of metal (a cuticle tool).  A toothpick can also be used, but using a tool made of smooth metal made the lash less likely to stick to the tool.  It’s easy to wipe clean too.

Additionally, if the adhesive on the edge of the lashes is a problem for you (all lashes have it.  It sticks them to their container.) it can be removed by soaking the lashes first in Goo Gone, Acetone, or Windsor $ Newton’s Brush Cleaner. The residue can be scraped off with a toothpick or fingernail.   I had no problem myself with leaving the adhesive on.

One additional note; the MSD-size doll used only one lash!

(Special thanks to Denver Doll Emporium for rushing my eyelash order to the PO.  They arrived just in time!)